Thy name? Thy quality?

Photo by … ME.

Good friends, I bid you cheery welcome here,

To Mister Shakespeare’s tav’n of yester year!

What might you find, as you walk through the door?

What might divert you, leave you wanting more?

Anon, our aim, without a doubt’s to please,

Pull up a chair, a drink, and be at ease.

Your host has but one wish, to entertain,

And through his poor words make Will live again.

O’er time, each play, we’ll fondly read once more,

Reliving Shakespeare’s glorious days of yore.

And yet as brother Jonson rightly says,

Shakespeare is not for ‘then’ but for all days!

What news?  How fares our noble poet now?

Your host will tell, should his poor skill allow.

I teach.  I read.  I play Scrabble.  I walk.  I take photographs.  I cook occasionally.  I write sometimes: almost always in iambic pentameter.


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