Who’s Who in … Romeo and Juliet

Macbeth Who's Who

Two households, both alike in dignity …

Choosing the second in the suite of Shakespeare family trees (the first is here) was easy – at our place we get the option to teach only Macbeth or Romeo & Juliet at KS4.  And there are, to be fair, sensible reasons for this: occasionally, problematic students are shifted to another class, and that’d be a nightmare in a free-for all.  Even if you wanted to embrace the challenge, and part of me would, the extra work involved would be a pain.

Once I got stuck into the cast list, I loved the chess-like symmetry of team Capulet and team Montague.  It’s very satisfying to my perfectionist tendencies, not least the way each of our tragic teenagers has a surrogate parent they turn to (and who lets them down).  It’s often forgotten that Mercutio is connected to Prince Escalus, too …

Can I have one?

That was the point in doing these – I don’t even teach Romeo & Juliet, and haven’t for years.

Get one that looks like this, with a white background, here.

A flashy dark background version is available here.

They’re both sized to print at A4 size.  If you use one, let me know, please – and any feedback would be much appreciated …

Next up?

That’s potentially up to you.  At the moment, I’m planning on getting round to doing all the plays taught at KS4 and KS5.  My default option is Julius Caesar, but if you want one to jump the queue because you think you have a use for it, let me know …

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