The School Shakespeare Timetable

O, is it all forgot?

All school-days’ friendship, childhood innocence?

Image copyright: King Edward VI school

What does the Shakespeare curriculum look like in the UK in 2017?

Here’s the picture in my school:

Year 7:  SPRING.  An Introduction to Shakespeare.  This is extract-based, looking at a number of plays and context, and because of my timetable, is the only scheme I won’t be teaching this year

Year 8:  SPRING.  Shakespearean Comedy:  Much Ado About Nothing (other teachers have opted for A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Year 9:  SUMMER.  Any non-GCSE play!  Last year, I chose Hamlet,  This year, taking into account the group I am teaching, I’m seriously considering Julius Caesar

Years 10/11:  SUMMER.  Last year I taught The Tempest.  This year, we’ve agreed that the Department will teach either Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet for the two-year course.  I’m going for the former

Year 12:  AUTUMN.  Richard III

Year 13: SPRING.  no Shakespeare, as Richard covers the course, but I am teaching Marlowe’s Edward II

Somewhere in the SPRING mix there will be an after-school revision session on Romeo and Juliet for students who did it last year.

All in all, a pretty satsfying workload for me.  These are the bits that tend to keep me sane!

I’d be interested to hear how this compares with other UK schools, and indeed Shakespeare teaching for ages 11-18 in other countries … get in touch!



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