Crimes Against Shakespeare 002

BH Andolosia in Prison
NO-ONE bites their thumb at Mr Shakespeare …

It’s not just online, in the hallowed halls of the BBC, that we find Crimes Against Shakespeare

Oh no!

If you’re a regular visitor, you might have ventured over to look at the Golden Dogberries page, where I collect examples of student work which have, for one reason or another, caught my attention.  It’s an ongoing project as I continue to teach – and mark – so please check back every now and again for updates.

Today’s entry felt criminal in its ‘chopped logic’ …

‘Shakespeare uses language to present the characters of the witches as aliens.  Macbeth when seeing the witches asks ‘What are you?’ and Banquo says ‘that seem not like the inhabitants of the earth’.  This makes the witches seem like aliens, as nobody refers to them as humans.  Focussing on ‘what’, this shows that he cannot even guess what they are, which shows how weird the witches are to him.’  Student TK 

PS:  all student initials are anonymised!

Author: Boar's Head, Eastcheap

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