What Would Shakespeare Say?

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I think I might finally have achieved critical mass.  One of my students (thanks, Struckers) pointed out today that I’ve got a Shakespeare quotation for every occasion.  That pleased me quite a bit, in the way that only an unabashed nerd can take pleasure from their weird obsession being recognised by others (even if they are being gently mocked) …

What was this occasion?

Well, there’s this quaint thing called ‘the social’ where, to be absolutely clear, the sixth-formers do NOT occasionally go out en masse and get absolutely leathered.

And yet, despite the fact that they drink nothing but lashings of ginger beer, and are in bed at a sensible hour, the morning after seems like the aftermath of some wild drunken debauch.

So there I am, going through the register, and to be fair to my class, they’d struggled in.  Some had clearly found it more of a struggle than others.  One lad, who will remain nameless had only brought:

‘a piece of him’ (Hamlet I.i)

to the fray.

Another student, it was clear, had been:

‘carousing to the second cock’  (Macbeth, II.iii)

and had to leave half way through my lesson.  Either my acting had got too much for her (I was in full hammy Edward II mode today, giddy about it being the end of term), or it was simply too hot in the room, with the centrally-controlled heating needlessly on full blast and all the windows open.  Either way, she needed a few minutes:

‘so shaken as we are, and wan with care’  (1Henry IV, I.i)

Wan‘ being the operative word, I think.

The worst of it?  Apparently these ‘social’ things always take place on Thursdays, and this year’s timetable sees me teaching two sixth-form classes, for half my teaching day, every Friday … sigh.

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Hyperactive English Teacher and Tutor; Shakespeare-obsessed 'Villainous abominable misleader of youth'; 'old white-bearded Satan'; Friend of the Orangutan

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