Half-Term Book Haul (Feb 2019)

So near, and yet so far …

Not quite as frugal as October 2018‘s haul, sadly, but on the whole equally satisfying.

Arden IIIs: frustratingly I still don’t have a full set of third editions, because Measure for Measure isn’t due to be published until November 2019, but for the moment I finally have single volumes of all the available plays on my shelves …

  • All’s Well That Ends Well
  • King Edward III
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (replacing a second edition)
  • Sir Thomas More

Plus the rather tasty-looking:

  • The Arden Introduction to Reading Shakespeare

I did vary my diet a little:

PF Chisholm:  A Famine of Horses (ebook) this is Patricia Finney (below) under another name.  First of a series, and no plots to kill Elizabeth as far as I can tell, which is a welcome change for this type of fiction.

Patricia Finney:  Firedrake’s Eye (ebook) – saw this historical novel recommended in December 18’s issue of BBC History Magazine.  I’ve read a few of these lately – many, like this one, concern plots to assassinate Elizabeth I.  This one comes well-reviewed, so I’;m hoping it proves a cut above the norm.

AD Nuttall:  Shakespeare The Thinker –  I finally got my hands on this, a late Valentine’s gift from my SO, who had very nicely sent me a photo of the Shakespeare shelves at Hatchards whilst she was in London, and asked me what I fancied.

Anthony Sher:  Year of the King – a book whose time has come, or perhaps the logical extension of running out of RIII-related works.  It doesn’t bode well for Penguin Monarchs – their biography’s publication date has been put back several times, and by the time it arrives I won’t need another one, not even in condensed form, or to fill a gap in my shelves.  Get your ass in gear, Rosemary Horrox, or shall I just write one?

Josephine Tey:  The Daughter of Time (ebook) – although I have an audio dramatisation of it, this was hard to turn down as an e-book for the princely sum of £0.49. I’m looking forward to revisiting Inspector Grant’s investigations into the demonising, or otherwise, of RIII by the Tudors …

welsfordEnid Welsford:  The Fool:  His Social & Literary History – a nice little bargain from my local second-hand bookshop, at just £2.  With plays like Twelfth Night and King Lear still to come in my read-through, this ought to be really helpful/interesting.


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