Crimes Against Shakespeare: 013

Lear and Trump ARE very similar – just not the way you think they are, Mr Carr …

BH Howie_Carr_and_Trump
To cater to the sensitivities of readers, Mr Carr’s erection has been cropped out of this picture …

What is it with Donald Trump supporters?

First Alan Futerfas.  Then Rudy Giuliani.  And now …

Step up to the podium, Mr. Howie Carr.  Radio host, Boston Herald Columnist, and ironically, the author of a book called Kennedy Babylon:  A Century of Scandal and Depravity.  Which I suppose makes him a specialist on Scandal and Depravity, right?  No wonder he is a Trump supporter.

He’s also the man who had this to say about Barack Obama:

‘this country handed everything to Barack Obama. He didn’t have to work for anything. Just because of the color of his skin he was given everything. And he still hates the country.’ [a]

Disgusting racism aside, I seem to remember that Donald Trump was ‘given everything’, and has managed to squander quite a bit of it.  Anyway, you get the picture.  So, what’s Mr Carr done to upset William Shakespeare?


Donald Trump, in this case, is just responding to the insane attacks against him. He’s like King Lear, a man more sinned against than sinning. [b]

Mr Carr, in case you don’t know the play, these are the ramblings of an old man experiencing a mental breakdown.  He is challenging the very forces of nature to do their worst – a symptom of the excessive hubris that has overwhelmed him.  Lear lives for attention and worship, even when it is manifestly ‘fake’.  He rewards sycophants (I’m guessing your hopes are high in this regard).  He wants to strut his kingdom in an expensive and excessive display of majesty whilst the ordinary people in his care lack the most basic human needs.  He’s a man, incidentally, who has already ‘fired’ a number of those close to him for daring to tell him the truth, who has isolated himself (funny – the only one to stick by him is a ‘Fool’), and divorced his relationship with the real world.  At this stage in the play, Shakespeare is showing us a man uncomfortably close to rock bottom …

Uncomfortable similarities, now you think about it.

Our subjective definitions of ‘sin’ might differ, but I tend to class it as an immoral act.  If you’ve time, I hope you’ll read this post, written around the time you were denouncing President Obama so eloquently, and looking at your leader’s rhetoric.  Mr Trump had already, by then, sinned against many, many people.

And he continues to do so.  I’d like to know, please, what immoral act or sin was committed against Mr Trump by the immigrant families he has recently riven (just as, ironically, King Lear did to his own)?

I wonder if there is something like a subliminal cry for help in your remarks?  The lines that precede the quotation you use run thus:

Let the great gods,
That keep this dreadful pudder o’er our heads,
Find out their enemies now. Tremble, thou wretch,
That hast within thee undivulged crimes
Unwhipp’d of justice. Hide thee, thou bloody hand;
Thou perjur’d, and thou simular man of virtue
That art incestuous. Caitiff, in pieces shake
That under covert and convenient seeming
Hast practis’d on man’s life. Close pent-up guilts,
Rive your concealing continents, and cry
These dreadful summoners grace [c]

Are we both hoping for Mr Trump’s full catalogue of ‘sins’ to be discovered, and for him to be impeached?


[a] Media Matters, 29 September, 2016:

[b]  Media Matters, 13 August, 2018:


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